Every day, children are separated from their parents because of allegations of neglect or abuse.  The number of children being removed from their homes is skyrocketing in Western Massachusetts.  These children are removed from their homes and placed into the home of usually someone they don’t know; a foster home.  How scary is that?  Both the children and their parents are left devastated with little support from the government.

      I fight the government.

     I am proud the be part of a small but highly trained panel of trial attorneys that take on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) in highly complex multi-party civil litigation that may mean the difference between the reunification of the family or the termination of parental rights.

     If you have been contacted by DCF to discuss allegations of abuse or neglect, please contact me right away.  The vast majority of children and parents qualify for a highly trained attorney certified by the Committee for Public Counsel Services to represent clients and are appointed by Juvenile Court Judges.

     But, there may be opportunities to keep the case out of Court and you need an attorney who is experienced with these types of high emotional legally complex case.

     And that attorney is me.