Substance Use and Recovery Counselors for Youth


These are providers who offer assessment and substance use therapies that specialize in youth services.


Carson Center for Human Services (20 Broad St, Westfield MA) 413-568-1421

Carson Center for Human Services (96 South St, Ware MA) 413-967-6241

Child Guidance Clinic (BHN) (110 Maple St, Springfield MA) 413-732-7419

Clinical & Support Options (10 Main St, Florence MA) 413-586-8550

Community Healthlink Youth Outpatient (71 Jacques Ave, Worcester MA) 508-791-3261

Counseling and Assessment Clinic (51 Union St (G02), Worcester MA) 508-756-2005

Gandera Mental Health Youth (2155 Main St, Springfield MA) 413-736-0395

Genesis Counseling Services (24 Union Ave (11), Framingham MA) 508-620-2992

George Wells Human Services (29 Pine St, Southbridge MA) 508-765-9167

Griswold Center (40 Wright St, Palmer MA) 413-283-7651

LUK Crisis Center Counseling (1280 Main St, Worcester MA) 508-438-1490

LUK Crisis Center Counseling (545 Westminster St, Fitchburg MA) 978-829-2248

North Central Human Service (31 Lake St, Gardner MA) 978-632-9400

Providence Behavioral Health (1233 Main St, Holyoke MA) 413-538-9400

Phoenix Outpatient for Youth (15 Mulberry St, Springfield MA) 413-739-2440

Sloan Clinic Counseling (471 Chestnut St, Springfield MA) 413-794-5555

Spectrum Outpatient Youth (585 Lincoln St, Worcester MA) 508-797-6100

Spectrum Outpatient Youth (76 Summer St (140), Fitchburg MA) 978-343-2433

Youth Opportunities Upheld (81 Plantation St, Worcester MA) 508-849-5600

Wayside Youth and Family Support (121 Providence St, Worcester MA) 508-929-2000